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Senior Sales Associate

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Hello! My name is Khari, I am a Senior Sales Associate at the Middletown, DE Music & Arts. I started working at this location in December of 2015. This is not my first time working at a Music  & Arts, I first was welcomed to the company in 2012 as a rental temp. At that point I only stayed for 3 months but learned a ton from the guys at the Wilmington location. 
Just a little background about myself, I was born and raised in Delaware where I attended  William Penn high school as well as the University of Delaware for my Freshman year of College. As for my musical background, I have been playing Alto sax for about 10 years now and recently purchased a new P Mauriat System 76 alto. You can find me busking on Mainstreet  in Newark during the warmer months and beyond that at Pescatores restaurant. Other than that I do play drum set as well as other percussion instruments like xylophone. I was able to teach myself acoustic guitar a little piano and a few other instruments along the way. 
If you have any questions feel free to come visit me at the store or give me a call!

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