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Music is the universal language that has the power to change the world, and it is our duty to share it.

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classical, piano, jazz, blues, ragtime, contemporary, popular, modern, improvisation, rock, pop

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I started out by teaching myself piano in middle school through online tutorial videos and then pursued classical lessons for a few years before college. I then studied classical music and jazz with piano as my primary instrument at Elizabethtown College in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania.  I graduated from a four-year liberal arts program with a Bachelor of Arts in Music in May of 2017.  I was involved in the college jazz band and concert choir for all four years. Now I am pursuing teaching lessons, performing, composing, and arranging for a cappella.

I taught piano lessons through my college music department to students in the community for three and a half years. I’ve taught ages 7-14, college students, and adults. I prefer to teach based on the student’s personal goals and style choices. I’ve taught from the Faber & Faber: Piano Adventures series and the Bastien series but am open to teach using other series along with supplements coinciding with the student’s goals.

I enjoy teaching classical, jazz, ragtime, blues, popular/contemporary, and improvisation. I believe in tapping into every style of music to gain a well-rounded musical experience. I’m passionate about students gaining a comfortable and strong understanding of music theory to aid in their lifelong musical journey no matter the age. I encourage improvisation and songwriting/composition to expand on, and use, their practice and understanding of music theory.

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