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Hello! My name is Kyle Brown and music has been my passion all of my life. I started at a young age with piano lessons and then picked up the flute as my primary instrument when I joined band in middle school. The flute became my focus all through my middle and high school career.  I attended the University of South Carolina where I studied flute with Dr. Jennifer Parker-Harley and several graduate assistants on the music faculty. I graduated in May of 2017 with a B.M. in Music Composition under the tutelage of Dr. John Fitz Rogers and Dr. Mandy Fang.

Both during and since my college years, I have worked with several high school marching bands in the area focusing on both visual and musical techniques. I also provide flute and woodwind masterclasses for several other local middle and high schools. I truly believe that the more one teaches, the more he will learn. I have been pleased to see this fruit out in my own musicianship as I am now proficient on the clarinet and the saxophone in addition to the flute.

I joined the Music and Arts team in October of 2017 and have enjoyed every minute. I love helping music lovers find what they need whether that be an instrument, technique book, or fun accessory. I’d love to help you if have any questions!

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