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Keyboards & MIDI, Trombones

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Piano, Music Theory, Trombone

Kyle Wilkins

Senior Sales Associate

About Me

I got my start in music at the age of 4 taking classical piano lessons after my parents heard me playing jingles from the TV on our family piano. I immediately found a love for the piano and realized that I had a natural ear for music in general.

My love for music really began to take off as I grew older, and my father started to introduce me to the classic rock that he grew up with. In elementary school my dad got me my first guitar and taught me a few of the basics. I have been slowly teaching myself Guitar ever since.

In the 5th grade I started playing the trombone in the school band, and played in school all the way through highschool in various groups and jazz ensembles.

After highschool I played around with a few rock bands in Illinois and Texas as a keyboardist.

Starting in July of 2018 I was hired on to the Music and Arts team, and I really love being here! I am currently the Keyboard and Low Brass specialist at the Fox Valley Music and arts location!

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