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Hi my name is Lance Ruby. I received my Bachelors in guitar performance at Utah State University and I'm currently getting my Masters in Jazz Studies at University of Northern Colorado. I currently play in several groups such as Musketeer Gripweed, Crescent City Connection, and the Randy Burghardt Band. As well as various Jazz groups. 
My teaching philosophy is simple; I want to help my students achieve the goals they have with music. Whether that is learning a few simple Taylor Swift songs or passing a entrance audition into a university, I want to see my students succeed. I have worked on a curriculum that teaches skills and concepts that every musician must know. The combination of having a good curriculum in combination with teaching the students the music they love, creates good musicians and inspired students that are excited to come to guitar lessons each week. 
I structure my lessons into four categories; lines, chords, technique, and repertoire. Lines can include melodies, scales, and for more advanced students soloing. Technique is an important area of focus for guitarists. Many older guitarists I know have injuries due to bad technique. Its very important to instill proper technique in younger students so they won’t develop bad habits and have injuries later in life. 
I love teaching guitar. It has been the most rewarding thing in my life. Seeing students gain confidence in their playing and also in themselves is an incredible experience. As a life lo
ng student of music myself I believe it is crucial to create musicians and music lovers out of our students. 
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