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About Linda Houlding

Two of my grand passions are playing the piano and sharing that ability to play with others.  After one of my students learns a piece, I love to stand back and listen, and the thought that frequently crosses my mind is, “Wow!  I helped to create a pianist.”  There are few greater highs than that.

      I’ve had 20 years of private piano lesson including lessons from a lady named Thurata, who was a state pianist of the former USSR.  She was a student of a student of a student of Fredrick Chopin.  Therefore, I am a 5th generation student of Chopin—which means absolutely nothing, but is fun to say.  I have been playing the piano in my church for the last 50 years and am currently the congregational organist.  I performed on the piano regularly while employed as Curator of Natural History at the Miami Museum of Science.  We specialized in highly dramatic science presentations which often included original music (our dinosaur songs were awesome!)   I also provided the piano and percussion music for a PBS television series sponsored by the Museum.  I have been teaching the piano for the last 10 years.  I can teach beginning through intermediate levels.  
     I have been teaching Anthropology at various universities for the last 25 years and am currently adjunct faculty at Baylor.  I also have additional graduate degrees in Communications, which has been advantageous in helping students understand the complexities of piano music.
     My main goal, besides teaching how to play the piano, is to try to instill a love of music in my students.  I don’t need to do this with my adult students—they wouldn’t be taking lessons if they didn’t want to learn.  But, with children, it’s often different.  It’s frequently Mom’s idea for them to take lessons.  What I hope to do, with lower stress lessons and some fun thrown in, is to help them gain a love of producing their own music—to help make music become a part of their soul.  My goal is to create life-long pianists.
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