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Hi! My name is Lindsey and I'm a Senior Sales Associate here at Music & Arts Center in San Dimas. I have my Bachelor's Degree in Theatre Arts with a specialized concentration in Design and Technical Production and an emphasis in Stage Management from California State University, Fullerton. Being involved in performing arts has helped me develop a great appreciation for most everything theatrical and musical. As stage manager, I've had to learn how to solve many technical issues, including audio equipment and program troubleshooting. I have sound design experience and have worked extensively with digital audio software such as Pro Tools and QLab. 

Growing up, I was always that kid (and still am) that loved music so much that I always had at least one headphone in with my favorite playlist playing a little louder than is recommended. Music has not only been a means of entertainment for me throughout my life, but it has also helped further my education in Technical Production. I am an avid concert goer who spends 60% of the time observing the sound technicians while everyone else is throwing themselves into mosh pits. I hope to further my education about music and musical instruments working at Music & Arts Center. My ultimate goals in life are to be a Broadway musical Stage Manager or to be a Concert Production Manager. But until then, I'm more than happy to chit chat about music and help anyone who needs assistance in the store.

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