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It's not all the notes you play, it's the notes you don't play.

-Miles Davis

About Me

Hello. My name is Luis Quixtan, and I am a part of the Music and Arts team in Brandon Florida. I joined in Spring of 2018 with a vast amount of both knowledge and 14 years of experience in music. I mean let me tell you, I’ve done it all! From teaching, to preforming, to engraving, and even repairing woodwind&brass instruments, and guitars. I'm a certified repair technician and would love to help you with all your musical needs. When it comes to music I guess you could say I’m a jack of all trades. It took a lot of time and practice to get where I am today.

It all began when I moved to America with my family. Coming to the United States at such a young age was terrifying, but music provided the bridge I need to find who I was in America. I still remember just starting 6th grade. The councilor asked me if I played any instruments. I of course still being shaky with my English told them I played the flute. Of course what I didn’t realize was recorder did not translate to flute in English. So when I went to play in the band and was handed this completely different instrument, to say the least I was very confused. I didn’t let that stop me though. One after another I learned new instruments, and fell in love with each of them along the way. I spent hours locked in my room practicing, and preforming with my 3 younger brothers who all play instruments as well. Some of my favorite memories are preforming with my brother Francisco who eventually went on to get a double major in Clarinet performance and music education, and became a very talented band director. For my brothers and myself music became a necessity. I can’t imagine a life without it.

My instruments are my tools of expression, and are like an extension of myself. I never go anywhere without my Yamaha white lacquer Custom EX alto sax. I also often travel with my Bach Stradivarius 37 trumpet and my American Fender elite Stratocaster. If that wasn’t enough at home my collection continues with Yanagisawa 991 soprano sax, R13 Buffet clarinet, F. Lorre oboe, Fox English horn, Gemeinhardt flute, And white Breedlove guitar. To some people that might seem a bit excessive, but to me nothing makes me happier then being surrounded by all different types of instruments.
Music is like a language just like English and Spanish. The only difference is music can convey things words could never begin to. With practice, dedication, and a little patience anyone can learn this beautiful langue. I hope that I will see you soon at Music and Arts Brandon so you can also make music your language, and it can become a wonderful tool of expression for you too. After all life would B flat without music.

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