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Senior Sales Associate

Dude, suckin' at something is the first step to being sorta good at something  - Jake The Dog

About Me

Hey! I go by many names, but I like the standard Luis. 

I've always been excited about learning anything, but always preferred sciences and music. I first began my studies with music back in 4th grade through 9th. Throughout that time, I specialized in trumpet but learned alto sax, french horn, percussion and dabbled with violin for a couple months. After high school, I grew interested in music again and decided to pick-up guitar around the time I was hired at M&A. So far I've explored the electric, acoustic, classical and bass guitars throughout that time and have enjoyed every practice sesh. 

I'm coming up on a year working for M&A, and have truly enjoyed learning about so many aspects of the music business other than music itself to provide a wonderful experience for every customer. Come on by and we'll help each other learn about the world of music.

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