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Lynne Haeseler


 "Music is another language to learn and explore. Playing the piano offers many benefits . For example, it nurtures discipline, patience, increases sensory intelligence and motor coordination and in short, the piano is super fun to play. Anyone can learn anytime in their life!"

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Lynne Haeseler holds the reputation as an outstanding performer, dance pianist and compelling teacher. Through storytelling, improvising and understanding the musical language, her unique style of teaching, “takes music off the page.”  Dr. Lynne is an active performer who advocates for the arts through community engagement. She also emphasizes a comprehensive study of music utilizing popular and traditional methods. Dr. Lynne earned her Doctorate of Musical Arts from the University of Arizona, among countless accolades from various universities and professional organizations all over the world over her 40 year career. Dr. Lynne has taken her vast wealth of knowledge and created an artistic, whimsical approach to teaching her students, making the experience something you’ll never forget!

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