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About Maggie Johns

I am a junior at the University of Maryland, where I study piano performance with my wonderful professor, Larissa Dedova. I have been playing piano for over eleven years, and in both 2018 and 2019, I was a finalist in the University of Maryland’s concerto competition. I love organizing classical concerts and last year I performed in numerous solo concerts as well as chamber music concerts with my classmates. I am looking forward to organizing more in the future!

My teaching philosophy is that one should teach music first and piano-playing second; the most important thing to me is enjoying music. Enjoyment is what art is all about! Happily, if you love and understand music, piano-playing becomes all the easier.

To help build an appreciation for every aspect of music, I emphasize skills in music theory, analysis, and reflection both at and away from the piano. One of my favorite subjects to study is music theory and history because, as one of my piano teachers has told me many times, you don’t have to approach music with just your heart—you can approach it with your head too. I believe that, whether you are a beginner or an experienced performer, the best performance is one that is emotional and intentional and one that brings joy to both the performer and audience.

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