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Teaches Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone

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Clarinet, Flute, Saxophone


Master of Music, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Student of David Shifrin, National Music Camp at Interlochen, Bachelor's Degree, UNC School of the Arts, Private study, Gary Louie (Peabody Conservatory), Joe Briscuso (Towson State University)

Performance Experience

40+ year performing professionally, NC Symphony/NC Opera Touring Company, Maryland Symphony Orchestra, Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Players, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Saxophone, Salisbury Symphony Orchestra (Principal Clarinetist and Soloist), Goucher Chamber Symphony (Principal Clarinetist), NC Governor's School Symphony Orchestra (Principal Clarinetist), NC All State Symphony Orchestra (Principal Second Clarinetist), Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Gunther Schuller, Karel Husa, Robert Shaw Samuel Ramey of the Metropolitan Opera, Gene Chandler, Jerry Butler, Hit Parade Hall of Fame performance and induction, Charo, The Coasters

Teaching Experience

35+ years, Private studio instructor, Elementary band director, Middle school band director, High school band director, College band director

About Mario

As a Music Educator I have a responsibility to provide my students with the opportunity to develop and grow in all aspects of their lives, not just Instrumental Music. Often times the understanding of a difficult musical concept or the overcoming of a technical playing obstacle can be accomplished by changing one’s perspective of the challenge. For instance, a brief discussion of problem solving skills used in everyday life outside of music often creates a more successful approach when returning to the music at hand.

I also have a duty to provide a safe, inviting environment for my students and I have a deep responsibility to recognize and tailor my lessons to the learning styles of each individual student. Teaching students how to practice based upon their individual learning styles is also essential when expanding the student’s enthusiasm towards his or her instrument. I have noticed throughout the years that by using this approach the student is more likely to see practicing as more of an investment (as opposed to a chore) once they see and hear that the time and effort they are putting in is actually paying off!

In essence, my teachings focus on playing proficiency, beautiful and convincing phrasing, music theory comprehension and application as well as the importance of developing strong listening and problem solving skills that promote self-growth and joyful music making. When applicable, students are diligently trained to enter into competitions with a strong sense of determination and fearlessness through focus, hard work and perseverance. Tips on the proper care and maintenance of the instrument as well as suggestions for equipment and accessory upgrades are also offered, if and when deemed necessary, and are considered part of the overall learning and self-growth process.

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