Senior Sales Associate
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Tenino High School, Pacific Lutheran University

Favorite Instruments

Oboe, English Horn

Specialties / Genres Taught

Baroque, Oboe Methods, Romantic, Classical


Senior Sales Associate

About Me

Hi there!

I joined the Music and Arts family July of 2019 to learn more about different instruments and to help promote the importance of music in peoples' lives.  Music is so important to us because it is what creates a sense of culture and belonging.  As the common saying goes, "music is the universal language". 

My main instrument is oboe, and I also play English horn in my ensembles when it's needed.  I have been in band for nearly 13 years, and I began my musical experience by playing the flute in 5th grade.  I have also played piccolo in marching band in high school, but now that I am in college I am focusing only on the double reeds.

I currently play with my university's wind ensemble and have traveled some fantastic places to play with this group.  In the Spring of 2017, our group joined with the symphony orchestra and jazz band in Portugal and Spain for nearly two weeks, and we had the experience of playing on the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea and beautiful ancient venues.  In January of 2019, the wind ensemble flew to Hawaii for one week and we performed all over the island of Oahu, while also being immersed into the musical culture of the island.

I also teach oboe lessons privately.  I have a few students right now and I would love to grow my studio.  Teaching is a passion for me, and being able to show my love for the oboe and seeing my students reciprocate that and improve exponentially is always the highlight of my week.

Thanks for reading my bio, and keep on tootin'!

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