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Mark Zapata has been a Drummer since the age of 7. From the time he discovered a drum set packed away in a friends closet, (prompting his dad to buy it for him) until now, 10+ years into his teaching career, Mark has never been far from a pair of drumsticks. 
Mark has played on stages around the world, most recently touring Europe in October of  2018, he has recorded numerous albums and has been a part of many, many musical projects. Mark is versed in all styles of drumming and teaches people as young as 3 yrs old and up to any age. Mark teaches all skill levels and specializes in NYSSMA preparation. 
Mark’s teaching philosophy is simple, to provide customized drum lessons for each individual student. Learning how each student responds to different teaching techniques and using what works for each individual student. Goal setting, keeping students accountable and giving students complete support are some of the reasons that Mark has become one of the top drum and percussion teachers in New York.
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