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Piano, Flute

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Maryla is an accomplished pianist, organist, religious music composer and highly experienced piano teacher. She has 35 years of experience in successfully teaching children and adults.

She embarked on her music journey at the age of seven. The love for music had set the stage for her life. While studying Piano at the Music University she decided that sharing her passion with others is her calling and thus solidified her choice of becoming a Music Teacher. Along with Piano teaching, she spent 19 years as a Music Teacher teaching Music Theory and Music History at public, private and music schools in Poland, England, and Germany before coming to the United States where she continues to teach.

As a Piano Teacher she had been successful in preparing students for entrance exams to Music Schools in Poland, Music College in England and most recently preparing two Chinese Students, who were staying temporarily in the US, for their entrance to a higher-level school back in China. She teaches in traditional style and her professional approach is based on three methods of teaching: Polish, English and American.

Apart from teaching, she actively performs for all events in church as a Music

Director and Principal Organist/Pianist. Also, she is known as a composer of Contemporary Religious Music. Her hymns are regularly sung at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Life and at St. Joseph the Carpenter in Poland.


Instruments: Flute & Piano

Teaches: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday


Woodbridge Music & Arts 703-491-4196 Woodbridge VA