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Matthew Clise


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B.M. Music Theory and Composition from McDaniel College

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Hello, there! I'm Matthew Clise, but you can call me Matt or Mr. Matt if you'd like. I come from a very musical family; it's been my number one passion my entire life. I began my formal musical education at 8 years old with piano lessons, but soon took up drums at the age of 10. I've since learned to play guitar and bass, too, although drums are my forte (pun intended). I've found that being a multi-instrumentalist has given me a unique perspective on what other musicians expect from percussionists, and I pass that wisdom on to my students.


I've played in bands since middle school, and have played drums professionally since college. I've played in a range ensembles covering the whole spectrum of styles from jazz and samba to funk and R&B to rock and heavy metal. I've opened for national touring acts, and I actively gig with my band The Learned Doctors anywhere between Washington DC and York, PA, though most frequently in the Frederick area. I also have extensive recording experience on both sides of the desk, having recorded several full length albums with various groups (Major Kahn and the Nuclear Organ, Exist, Secondhand Ramblers).


I've been teaching since 2011, and have really discovered how much I love imparting knowledge to my students and watching them develop and grow into full-fledged musicians. As an educator, I strive to help my students find their musical passion and pursue it to the fullest degree. My aim is to give my students the technical facility and creative stimulation in order to approach any musical situation with enthusiasm confidence.


Outside of music, I enjoy camping, 3D printing, collecting movie memorabilia, and being a family man.

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