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Hi everyone! I’m Matt, but everyone knows me as Norton in our store. I have

recently joined the Lindenhurst team as a senior sales associate. I am very excited

to be working here, to meet new people, and most importantly, to help spread the

joy of music to everyone I can!

First memories of music: My passion for music began at a very young age. My

father would listen to classical music in the car a lot. Therefore, I was exposed to

some of the greatest compositions early in life. Once I reached elementary school, I

sparked an interest in the school bands and performances. I always admired the

drums and dreamt to become a drummer someday. When I started 4th grade, my

mother persuaded me to choose the trumpet as my first instrument. I loved the

trumpet and grew up playing it all throughout school. But when I started the 8th

grade, I persistently asked my mother to sign me up for private drum lessons. She

finally gave in and before I knew it, I was a drummer.

A new spin on music: Once I developed my own musical taste, I started getting

more into “bands” rather than the music we played in concert band. I listened to

bands such as Led Zeppelin, Green Day, and Foo Fighters religiously. This really

helped me form my own musical independence.

I actively played percussion and drum set in the school’s jazz and wind

ensemble, participated in NYSSMA, and even began forming my own rock and

metal bands outside of school. With those bands, we put together some talent show

and battle of the bands performances in school, as well as some gigs at local

venues on Long Island. While playing our own shows, we began recording our

own original music to form an EP. I kept learning more and more about music and

how the production of it actually worked.

Pursuing a career in music: When it was time for me to select a major in college,

I chose music without hesitation. Not just music in general, but how to record and

produce music in a recording studio. I began studying Music Recording

Technology at Finger Lakes Community College in Canandaigua, NY where I

learned how to properly record any instrument and produce a full song in a real

recording studio. I then transferred to Nassau Community College and graduated

with a certificate in Music Recording Technology and an Associates Degree in

Liberal Arts.

Currently… I am seeking any sort of performance/recording opportunity that I

can come across. Including playing and recording original music with local bands,

being a studio drummer, recording/producing other local artists, etc… Anything

and everything that can someday bring me up to where I want to be in music!

With Music & Arts I am looking forward to meeting new people, learning more

about music, and how the store operates! If anyone ever has any questions, or

would just like to talk music, feel free to come in and look for me!

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