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Matthew Rossa

Music Teacher, Master

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Matthew Rossa is a professional guitarist from Maryland who has been recording, touring, and teaching for 10 years. He is inspired by all musical styles including blues, jazz, classical, rock, folk, metal, pop, and country.

After graduating from Mount St. Mary’s 2012, he began teaching music full-time, as well as releasing records worldwide through Prosthetic Records. His band Exist has toured Canada and the USA many times, with many other nationally successful artists coming from across Europe, Canada, and the USA.

He loves his profession as a guitar instructor first and foremost, and as someone who can harness the creative talents in both children and adults of all ages.

He has been teaching guitar for 10 years locally and remotely via online lessons, and has been with Music & Arts for 7 of those years.

Aside from teaching and touring, Matt enjoys composing and doing studio work on the side. He also continues advanced study in jazz, blues, classical, and composition.

Matthew has endorsements with Xotic Guitars & Effects, Spectraflex Cables, Gravity Guitar Picks, and is a featured artist for John Page Classic guitars.


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