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I am a classically trained trumpet player that has build his studio of students at the middle/high school level in Arlington and Eagle-Mountain Saginaw ISD, and I am the brass marching tech at Lamar high school. I received my bachelor's in music education from The University of North Texas and my master's in trumpet performance from The University of Texas at Arlington. I currently play in the Crossroads Christian Church band, have played in concerts with the Arlington Community Band, and am looking to play professionally in orchestras and other groups around the metropolis. 

The biggest plus I give my students is fixing the technical issues in their playing so that it is possible for them to pursue the playing goals of their choice. Many players who are passionate about music simply cannot pursue their dream because they are hindered by severe problems in range, tone, sight-reading, endurance, finger technique, musicality, etc. I myself was not the most naturally gifted player out there and I had to really consider how the instrument worked in order to progress. Today, those issues are not problem to me now. There are many fine trumpet players out there who are great musicians but less effective teachers of fundamentals as they simply never experienced the kinds of problems in their playing that many students unfortunately have. As a student, I too had many teachers like this. 

The basis of my teaching is to devote the student to further one skill at a time. This allows for students to fully focus their attention on one aspect with the least amount of distraction, or worse, confusion.  I may only give students a brief description of what the goal of the exercise or tell them what I want them to pay attention to.  I will ask them afterwards and see what they may have gleamed or noticed from the exercise of their own accord.  I then instruct them that they will be tested on the exercise to see if progress have been made.  The students are judged against themselves.  I strive for the student to first be able to explain what the exercise does, then understand why it works, and then gain an appreciation for the element presented.  I find that self-discovery of knowledge through practice and repetition, with gentle guidance, is the best route for students to grasp the ability to one day teach themselves.   

To sum it up, I can show you how to fix the problems in your playing so that you can make the music you want to make in any style you please.

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