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Acoustic and Electric guitars

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August Burns Red, Veil of Maya, Dance Gavin Dance, The Contortionist, Silent Planet


Senior Sales Associate

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             Hi! My name is Matthew and I’m a senior sales associate here at Lindenhurst!

            Ever since I was very young I’ve been in love with music, Saxophone being the first instrument I ever learned how to play when I was only 8 years old. Later I would go on to learn how to play the guitar right here at Music and Arts and take a few classes in my high school senior year. I still take lessons this very day to help me improve consistently with everything I do musically. With this I have grown to love and play all types of different music from jazz all the way to heavy metal appreciating all the hard work it goes into writing and playing music.

            I am still learning how to play new instruments and sing with the hope to improve myself both as a musician and a composer. In my spare time I like to write my own music with my metal band and practicing whenever we have the time.

            If you’re ever in the store feel free to ask any questions!

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