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Favorite Instruments

Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Software programs, Hand Percussion and Midi programming, & Viola/Violin, and Trumpet, sax, but ukes are awesome!

Musical Interests

Classic Rock, ProgRock, Death Metal, and old school hip-hop, to underground hip-hop, but I mainly listen to Hip-Hop, and Hip Hop, Math metal


Senior Sales Associate

About Me


Senior Sales Associate at the Bellevue location

Hi I’m Mike! Born and raised in Bellevue Washington I specialize in knowledge of guitars (electric, acoustic, and classical), basses (electric and acoustic) as well as MIDI controllers, Digital Audio Workstations, and pro audio equipment.

My back ground in music began early with memories of being infatuated with my dad’s band at church; from there I was drawn to the more heavy music of rock/metal. After becoming a prodigy in the Guitar Hero video game I was pushed to pick up real guitar and still haven’t put it down 6 years later. My real world experience with guitars and basses ranges from playing bass at church service with my dad, to countless jams and recording with friends. While establishing a small yet functional studio in my own bedroom I gained experience with audio interfaces, DAW’s, MIDI controllers, microphones, studio monitors, making my knowledge great for someone who is looking to start playing guitar, bass, producing, or recording. Feel free to chat my ear off about metal, hip hop, video games and everything in between.

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