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About Michelle Grasso

You can find Michelle around the Northern Virginia area as a lead vocalist in 3-4 different bands with various genres of music.( Motown, R&B, Classic Rock, Standards, Blues, and even has a partnership in writing lyrics and creating original music. She has been a lead vocalist in the local music industry for 30+ years. “As a voice teacher, it’s really important to tailor the teaching to the individual, there are several different age brackets, styles and needs, and  we all have our own fingerprint!” She is also a Registered Nurse  and applies her knowledge of anatomy and physiology when it comes to certain techniques such as breathing and control. “ It really helps people to understand what exactly is going on when they are producing sound because you use your body pretty much as a wind instrument. Applying this can help you use incredible dynamics for song expression.” Michelle’s strengths are range improvement, projection,dynamics , pitch,ear training and  control. Some other focuses can be geared to recital preparation, musical theatre, mic technique, and simply getting over stage fright. Michelle’s influences are singers such as Aretha Franklin, Eva Cassidy, Pat Benetar, Etta James, Led Zeppelin,Susan Tedeschi and many more. You can find her in such bands such as Patchwork Dorothy with Bruce Farquharson who is a long term music and arts guitar instructor, Too Many Daves and the Brass Soulution, Speakeasy and every once in a while she sings in a duo acoustic set with Terry Glaze. Michelle’s initial voice training (aside from various music teachers throughout her school term) was under Don Wiggins who taught voice at Catholic University and prepared people for opera and broadway.

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