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Graduate Student in Wind Conducting at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Bachelor of Music in Music Theory and Composition at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville


Woodwinds, Woodwind Accessories, Clarinets, Saxophones, Flutes & Piccolos, Marching Band Accessories, Euphoniums

Favorite Bands

Childish Gambino, TWICE, LOONA, Luis Coronel, Banda MS, Christian Nodal, Drake, Grupo Limite, Kumbia Kings, Snail's House, Moe Shop, The Reddit Symphony Orchestra, North Texas Wind Symphony

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Specialties / Genres Taught

Band and Orchestra, Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute, Marching Band, Low Brass

Teaching Experience

Marching Band, Wind Band, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Music Theory, Low Brass


Senior Sales Associate

About Me

Miguel is a senior sales associate at Music and Arts, joining the team in 2019. Since joining the M&A team, he has worked hard with customers to find the right fit for them, whether it be a new instrument rental or purchase, sheet music, recording gear, and more.


Miguel has experience teaching many levels of music, having been involved in music education since 2011. He has taught a variety of ensembles, including middle school summer programs, high school marching and concert bands, and private lessons, as well as coaching mixed woodwind ensembles and assisting in leading clarinet sectionals at the university level. He is also the graduate teaching assistant for Southern Illinois University Edwardsville bands.


Miguel received his Bachelor of Music in Music Theory and Composition from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. His senior thesis was an analysis of Julie Giroux’s fourth symphony, Bookmarks from Japan. Currently, Miguel is studying for the Master of Music Performance in Wind Conducting. Following graduation, Miguel hopes to continue teaching bands and music theory at the collegiate level.

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