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Piano, Music Theory

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Ming Luo holds a Master of Music in piano performance from California State University Northridge (CSUN). Luo has been learning and practicing piano for over 20 years under the supervision of her principal piano teacher Dr. Dmitry Rachmanov, who is a Steinway Artist, and Chair of Keyboard Studies at CSUN, Mark Richman, Kaliasniova Katsiaryna (Katia Jurova). She has also received professional pedagogy from Dr. Gayle Kowalchyk and Dr. E. L. Lancaster, both famous music educators and editors of Alfred Music.


Ms. Luo is a virtuoso pianist, a professional and enthusiastic music instructor, and a cross-cultural educator: As a professionally trained pianist holding a Master of Music degree, she is well-equipped with systematic knowledge in piano performance, keyboard pedagogy, and theories. As a musician with training background in different countries and institutions, she has solid understandings and wide exposure to different pedagogical philosophies and systems. As a well-established multi-lingual music instructor with 7 years of teaching experience in different countries, she can engage with and adapt to students, audiences and clients from different cultural background and age groups. As an international scholar pursuing professional education in the US, she has spent considerable efforts studying the incorporation of Chinese music into piano performance, and thus could bring in her unique understandings of different music cultures and strengthen the cultural diversity.



Luo’s Teaching Philosophy:

Everyone has their own perception of music, and I will help you to turn that unique perception into beautiful musical expression.

It is my desire to explore my student’s perception of music and encourage them to establish their unique expression of music. But learning to play the piano is never just learning how to play the keyboard, it is also about fostering the ability to read, listen, comprehend and write down the music. I focus on teaching my students the method of music learning so they can be better equipped and prepared to explore their own music world.


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