Senior Sales Associate
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Favorite Bands

Allan Holdsworth, - Django Reindhart, The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Favorite Instruments

guitar, piano, alto sax

Musical Interests

Blues, Neo Soul, Jazz Fusion

Performance Experience

Lakewood Church

Specialties / Genres Taught

Blues, Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Rock, Fusion, Country

Teaching Experience

Great Southern Music, Texas Guitar Co.


Senior Sales Associate

"It means alot to play one note that means something, than to play a million that never get there"

Stevie Ray Vaughan

About Me

My love for music goes back to watching my Great Grandpa in the nursing home. He used to play piano and guitar for his fellow mates to entertain them in the evenings. Upon his passing he left me my first guitar. I later went on to play clarinet in my Jr High school Band. After 6th grade I spent the rest of my high school years at home to complete my schooling and further focus on my music career. This allowed me to become an apprentice and an employee at other music stores in my hometown as a teacher and full time repair tech. I later went on to study at the Berklee School of Music in Boston, MA. for classical composition and jazz performance with guitar being my principal instrument. I started with the company back in 2011 with my fellow Guitar Center family out in San Antonio, went on to work at several other locations and manage my own store. Now I proudly belong the Music & Arts family out here in Katy, Tx which has to be one of the best experiences of my life. Come see me for all your guitar related questions or if your instrument needs fixing! 

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