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Hello! My name is Murren, and I work at the Lawrenceville Music and Arts. I was first introduced to the store when I started taking violin lessons with Eric Toomsen when I was eight years old. Now, eight years later, I'm still taking lessons, participating in my school's top orchestra, and actually working in the place that started my musical career. I am an executive leader in my school's Tri-M Music Honor Society in which we promote the importance of incooperating music into daily student life and uniting musicians with a variety of levels of experience, styles, and goals.

I love inspiring people to embrace music and discussing the possibilities that starting an instrument opens up, so if you're ever thinking of picking up an instrument and joining the musical world let me know! I especially love speaking with enthusiastic kids who cannot wait to get their hands on every instrument under the sun.

My four year old sister has already decided that one day she just must play cello, violin, string bass, guitar, and piano, and I can't wait to see which ones she masters. I believe that everyone is part musician; we just need to take a minute to find our sound.

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