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About Nadejda Krasteva

I studied music, teaching, and violin in the Bulgarian National Academy of Music.  After working for the National Radio for some years, I moved to Mexico in 2000 with my family, where I started developing my teaching career parallel to my professional experience in the Orquestra Sinfónica de la Unversidad Autónoma de León.  After twenty five years of playing and teaching violin, I would like to share my knowledge and heart with students.


I know that playing violin can be quite the challenge, but it's totally worth the struggle!  As long as daily practice is seen as a fun and rewarding activity instead of a chore, my students are to have fun while learning.  I believe in the chemistry between students and teachers and that anybody can learn to play an instrument.  Playing instruments helps the body and the mind work together, strengthens memory skills and concentration, and refines discipline and patience. 


We find music present in all aspects of our lives.  Music starts where words end!  The true beauty of music lies in that it connects people.  It carries a message, and we musicians are the messengers.

I am patient, love kids and I like to play educational games with them.  I am only satisfied after my students achieve their goals with no pressure, but with joy and the wish to keep going forward.


If you're interested in embarking on the adventure that is learning to play an instrument, do not hesitate to contact me and I assure you, you will not be disappointed!

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