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Senior Sales Associate

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   I have been working here at the music store since 2002 when the store was Royal Music. I  became a Music and Arts employee in March of 2019.  I enjoy talking with our customers almost to a fault.  I like learning about their likes and dislikes, the instruments they play,  the schools the band kids attend and any other tidbits people feel comfortable sharing with me. I played french horn all through high school and college.  I absolutley love it's mellow sound.  Being in band was not only educational for me but was also my social outlet.  I love helping beginning band students get started and watch their love for music grow as they come back to the store for music and accessories through the years.

   Stop by our store sometime and look me up.  We'll chat a bit and I'll help you find just what you need.  I'm pretty good at finding print music too!

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