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It is just as important to write music as it is to recite music

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Nate is a music instructor that started his career as a Dj. He realized he had a passion and decided to take music seriously and educate himself. Nate continues to perform and record, but also takes pride in teaching new songwriters the joys of music. For years, Nate has had the pleasure of working with students ages 6 and up. He teaches a range of different music styles and makes it a priority that they not only learn fun songs, but that they also understand the technique being used. It is just as important to write music as it is to recite music. He has had students write songs and perform onstage by the age of 10yrs or younger.  He teaches Drums, Piano, Dj-ing and all levels of Guitar. Almost half of his students are multi-instrumentalists. Lessons are once a week for 30 minutes on average. Nate always says “The difference between a beginner and a pro is time spent”. Please feel free to reach out to book an availble session. 
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