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"I'm the type of person that jumps around when he talks because everything is connected."

-Wayne Shorter

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As a Richmond VA native, I began performing locally at a young age. After developing a love for music and a taste for performance I decided to persue music as a career. I enrolled in Longwood University and under the direction of Dr. Charles Kinzer I honed my technique and deepened my understanding and love for music. While in college, I studied different methods of saxophone performance but eventually realized I wanted to be a well rounded musician that is comfortable in any setting. Be it sitting in a 25 piece big band or occupying a chair in a symphony I wanted to be prepared. I pursued my degree in saxophone while simultaneously performing locally in Farmville VA with a small jazz group consisting of local musicians and fellow students and traveling up and down the east coast with the band I had joined back in Richond. 

After graduating, I returned to Richmond and continued to perform locally with various groups and eventually I was hired by international touring group The Toasters. I spent time touring extensively in North America and even played shows in Central and South America. 

Now I reside in Richmond with my wife Mary and we are having our first child. I am excited to bring all my experience to this new teaching platform. Through my study and travel I've gained insights into playing, performance, technique, emotion, improvisation, networking, band management, and much more. I double on flute and clarinet and also play piano. I also own all of these instruments and can teach all levels from beginner to experienced. I put an emphasis on what and how to practice toy lessons are goal oriented. All I ask is that you put in the effort during personal practice time. So if you're looking to learn how to play an instrument or just gain a deeper appreciation of music I'd love to help out.

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