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Teaches Violin, Viola

Where words fail, music speaks

- Hans Christian Andersen

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Languages Spoken


Levels Taught

Beginner, Intermediate

Favorite Instruments

Violin, Piano, Clarinet, Synthesizer

Musical Interests

Electronic, Classical, Hip Hop, Pop

Areas of Instruction

Violin, Viola

Favorite Bands

Pharrell, Lady Gaga, Itzhak Perlman, Beethoven, John Adams


Bachelor of Music Performance - emphasis in Violin

Current Projects

IN Unison fellowship at the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

Current Band(s)/Gig(s)

St. Charles Community Orchestra, Landolfi Quartet, Keough Quartet

Performance Experience

Powell Symphony Hall, Principal 2nd violin of MMEA all collegiate orchestra - 2013, Sudent player in the Metropolitan Orchestra of St. Louis

Teaching Experience

Harmony Project East - 2016, Gateway Music Outreach - 2017

Specialties / Genres Taught


About Octavia

Octavia has been teaching with Music & Arts since 2018, and has special teaching experience with Harmony Project East and Gateway Music Outreach. She is a graduate of UMSl with a degree in Music Performace, emphasis in violin.


Octavia was inspired to teach and play violin because of how one can express themselves. She thinks it is unique to the human experience! Ocatvia feels that it is important to take lessons so that the student can have a deeply fufilling experience in music, plus it keeps the brain sharp. She uses the Essential Elements for strings series, as well as the Suzuki method books. Some of her student's favorite lesson activites include singing rhythms, singing melodies, and singing harmonies!

Crestwood (MO) Music & Arts 314-968-5459 SAINT LOUIS MO