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Degree from the Kygyzstan State Conservatory, B.M from Kurenkeev State Music College

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I’ve studied music from my childhood. At 5, I sang in a choir and at 8 I entered music school. After high school I entered Music College while I taught piano, music theory, and vocals at a music center similar to Music & Arts. After receiving a Masters in conducting, I became a member of the faculty in choral conducting and continued there until my emigration to America in 2004. Almost immediately, I began to teach at the Westminster Music & Arts Center where I am glad to continue.
I have an excellent, classical music education, which, in many ways defines my style and approach to work. In each pupil I see a potential music star. From the first lesson, I try to instill in them good music habits and skills. For me, this includes learning the meaning of notes, special terminology, development of rhythmic skills, and some appreciation of the history of music. Technical development entails working on scales, Hannon exercises, and etudes, among other things.
I do my best to share my love and respect for the traditional, professional art of music. I hope they’ll feel they’re a vital link in the chain of the continuation of this musical art, like sacred inheritors of humanity.
I work with people of every age. With especially little ones, I pay special attention that the music lessons appeal to them as a game. In this way the language of music – even serious works – are approachable to them. And I also pay special attention to older students, those over 50. In some ways, I feel that music at that age takes on a therapeutic role. It’s especially important to take note of those that have a predisposition to Alzheimer’s. For them, lessons are extremely important for training and stimulating brain activity. I won’t delve too deeply into the therapeutic benefits of music.
Music is a unique and wonderful achievement of mankind. I would compare it to an amazing nectar that not only quenches our thirst and provides us with necessary nutrients, yet also gives us endless pleasure and joy. It enriches us spiritually, brings happiness to our spirit, and builds bridges between cultures. We need it no less than the food we eat or the air we breathe.
I am happy to serve music and to help others partake of its grand secret, themselves becoming active members of the kingdom that goes by the name of “Music.”
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