Music Teacher, Master
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Current Projects

Harmonic Dissonance


SUNY Oneonta


Guitar, Pro Audio, Folk & Traditional Instruments, Bass, Amplifiers & Effects

Favorite Bands

Finch, Tesseract, Periphery, Phil Collins, Chopin, Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck

Favorite Instruments

-Electric bass

Musical Interests

Rock, Metal, Cool Jazz, Classical Paino


Music Teacher, Master

About Me

What's going on? My name is Paul and I am an employee of Music and Arts at the Lindenhurst store.

I have been studying music composition, theory, performance, and business for about 8 years. My biggest passion is learning about new instruments and musical genres. I studied music composition in Suffolk Community where I got my first real exposure into classical music. From there I made it a mission to understand all the different genres of music. There I also found my true passion for Singing.

After graduating from Suffolk, I began to study at SUNY Oneonta where music business, management, law, and production were my main focus. I graduated with a bacholers in 2011 and have been pursueing a career in performance since.

I am now in a Heavy Rock band where I sing and play the bass guitar. come on in and ask me about anything, I am sure I can find the answer for you.

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