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Current Projects

Currently I am getting into live sound and focusing a lot more on studio recording as well as my own band

Musical Interests

THE BEATLES, anything from led zep, Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis, john lennon's harmonica slaying, I play whatever makes noise, ....did I mention the Beatles?, NOT LISTENING TO THE BEATLES

Favorite Bands

A Tribe Called Quest, All of Jimi Hendrix, -Led Zeppelin, Mac Demarco, The John Mayer Trio, BB king, * The Beatles, The Greatful Dead, -Pink Floyd, The Internet

Favorite Instruments

Electric Guitar, Piano/Keyboards, The human voice

Performance Experience

Open Mics, Thursdays at Dave's


Guitar, Violins, Amplifiers & Effects


Retail Sales Associate

About Me

Hey my name is Queran but everyone calls me Q. Music has been apart of my life for as long as I can remember. My grandfather played guitar, my father plays piano and now I play both with some background in violin. I currently play In a band and am always looking for new opportunities to preform. Music is my passion and Im happy to be able to make it my job to share it with the community

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