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the Ace Band


Brass, Woodwinds, Keyboards, Print Music, Accessories, Guitar, Bass, Drums & Percussion, Trombones, Trumpets

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~Tower of Power, Chicago Transit Authority, Earth Wind and Fire

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Retail Sales Associate

"Doesn't matter what people think of me, it matters what I think of myself" -Ramon S.

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I hail from Boyle Heights, Ca. and have been influenced by Chicago, Blood Sweat and Tears, and have always idolized Tower of Power. I play trombone in various groups including The Ace Band, The Main Squeeze and NV. I perform with other groups as well all across the south land.  What I really enjoy in music is not performance though its recording. Also I love originals in the styles of funk, latin, and rock. I am a Rocker at heart. I have a lot of pretty cool stories to share so come talk to me when you are in.


Si estás más cómodo hablando a español, Dame una llamada y voy a ser capaz de ayudarle con cualquier cosa.


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