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Coming from a non-musical family, I took it into my own hands (literally) to learn to play various instruments. Through elementary, I studied piano. Upon entering high school however, I was introduced to many musical avenues and decided to learn ukulele, guitar, and panflute. After auditioning, I became a member of my high school's varsity singers and proceeded to compete in PMEA district and regional chorus. And after making many friends who were part of the marching band, I approached my band director about joining. At the time, I didn't know how to play any band instruments, so with 3 weeks until school and marching band season started, I taught myself to play the flute. Since high school, I have studied voice and also picked up mandolin and various ethnic instruments of Thailand. Needless to say, music has been an integral part of my life from a young age, and I hope to spread the love of music to anyone who is willing to learn!

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