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Robert Brockway


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Music is a powerful language… Inspirational... it fuels and comforts the Soul, and it could change the World in just a couple of notes!

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About Robert Brockway

The gift of Music is a gift that should be part of every child’s life. With 30 years of music teaching, I have developed and seen children grow into understanding and discovering their inner talent, creativity, and harmony in life through the powerful, universal language of Music!


Music & Analysis (Theory)



Recording & Mixing Sound (Studio)

Mac book Pro Computer

Garage band – Recording Live music on Garage Band application


 Ferrum College – A.F.A Music

 University of Maryland – BA Music

 Barry University – Business Administration                                                                                                                                                                


30 YEARS – Washington, DC Metropolitan area, & Orlando, Kissimee Florida

Performing Artist   

Pianist in Washington, DC area, performing at Poplar Spring resort in Casanova, Virginia (eleven years)

Philosophy of Teaching

  • I choose music because it is a way of expressing our inner thoughts and emotions. I believe all students should express themselves through an instrument, including the human voice. 

  • Music is a powerful language that often changes our views and behavioral reasoning through our studies and appreciation of listening to music.

  • Music has been part of my life since the age of six. I have studied all music styles and through my studies, have honed my natural abilities.

  • Music is a subject that touches on all avenues of education. It develops the analytical side of the brain (math) as well as the creative side (language).

  • Music sharpens memory skills, encourages creativity, and most importantly, builds confidence in individuals to live and cope in today’s world.   Life has many challenges; music heals and should be part of every person’s life, making us more sensitive to the needs of others and understanding life around us!  

Style of Teaching

I conduct lessons plans according to learning style and ability of each student. I teach students of all ages. I cover music fundamentals and advanced music theory. I teach Classical, Jazz, and Contemporary styles of music, with particular strength in developmental piano techniques.

Oakton VA Music & Arts 703-281-0400 Oakton VA