Retail Manager - N
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Current Band(s)/Gig(s)

Like Like, Obscuirty Exchange Commission

Favorite Bands

Sonic Youth, The Clash, Mission of Burma, Talking Heads, Shellac, Big Black, Guided By Voices, Pavement, Pixies, Fugazi, Greenland (DC), Anything Nile Rodgers has touched

Favorite Instruments

Guitar, Drums, Bass Guitar

Musical Interests

fuzz, clocks, tube amp fires


Retail Manager - N

"Got a foghorn and a drum and a hammer thats rockin'; And a cord and a pedal and a lock, that'll do me for now."


                                                               - Confucius

About Me

Hey guys Rob here, I've been playing music since I was in the 5th grade.  I started on the clarinet then switched to the guitar by the time I was in the 8th grade, teaching myself the bass guitar and starting a three-piece band along the way. I grew up right outside of Washington D.C. so when I got to high school I was introduced to the all the great local venues and bands which got me even more excited about music.

I started working with Music & Arts in 2011, gaining a vast amount of knowledge of instruments outside of the guitar and meeting awesome people as well. Nowadays I am playing drums in a duo (Like Like), guitar in a funk band (Obscurity Exchange Commission), and taking drum lessons here at the Midlothian location.

Come by our Midlothian store if you have any questions or if you're just trying to jam!

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