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About Robert Wolk

Robert Wolk is a composer, drummer, producer, and mixing engineer from Maryland. Having taught private and group lessons for the past decade, Robert has noticed that while the goal is always for the student to play and/or create music, some benefit more from a classical education while others prefer to learn by ear. Robert uses his extensive experience in both methods, as well as his undying curiosity about pedagogy to mold his lessons to any student. As a performer, he strives for versatility and the ability to become the appropriate character for any genre. This has led him to perform and study widely ranging styles from heavy metal to jazz, pop to experimental, and hip-hop to classical. As a composer, Robert has written for and been commissioned by soloists and ensembles, both traditional and non-traditional. Recently, he has branched out into film scoring. As a recording artist, Robert has extended his love of helping others realize their unique musical voice to producing and mixing other artists work. He has also released over ten albums of original music, including four with his band Kabob-o-taj. Robert has a Master of Music degree in composition from The University of Maryland, and Bachelors degrees in percussion and composition from UMBC
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