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About Roland BaChoura

      Hello, I’m Roland BaChoura, Master Pianist & Multi-Faceted Musician. I have been playing and performing for over 20 Years and my experience and knowledge is vast across the music board. My passion for teaching comes from my mother, who taught me at a young age to develop my skills and technique as a young performer and pianist. 
     I want to carry on that compassion and understanding when I teach my students. Not all Students are the same. I have a special ability to naturally adapt to every single student’s needs at all levels of music education. 
    I have been training professionals and beginners in piano, vocal and performance. I am now offering my services to Music & the Arts Center in San Dimas, CA. 
    I have degrees in Music & Communication, which puts me in the perfect field of teaching Music and basic human psychology. I work with special needs students, students with mental health disabilities, and students who can not cooperate regularly in schools. As it is a stigma in our society, I cherish those who are brave enough to express themselves in a positive and healthy manner, such as in the direction of music education. 
    I can train you to play by ear, by notes, in music theory, music history and much, much more. 
Let me teach you or your child the beauty and expression of music. 
San Dimas CA Music & Arts 909-599-0325 San Dimas CA