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Most people who take lessons want to learn their favorite songs, but first they need to learn the basics. I help students develop their skills quickly and effectivly so that they can play a lot of songs in a short amount of time. I use a clear system and I simplify challenging concepts by breaking them down into smaller parts that are easier to undertand and play. This approach helps students develop confidence in their abilities.

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The guitar is fun because you can sound good even if you don't know a lot about theory or the design of the guitar. But after a while, alot of guitarist want to take their playing to the next level; they just don't know how. I have a clear system that fills the gap that many students have, and can take you step by step through a practical course covering music theory and the design of the guitar, helping you to create more melodic and harmonically interesting music in a variety of styles.


I have been teaching for over 20 years adults and children. Most of my playing experience has been on the road and traveling the world making a living as a guitarist. I am proud to have many students now actively performing across the United States. I am deticated to my craft and enjoy helping others find the same joy I have in my past 40+ years of playing.

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