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Teaches Guitar, Bass Guitar, Banjo

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BM in Music Education Northeastern University, Lowell State College - Music Education

Performance Experience

Have been performing music with bands of various styles since 1966, Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz, Classical

Areas of Instruction

Guitar, Bass Guitar, Banjo

Teaching Experience

45 Years of Teaching Experience, Teach many different styles: Folk, Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz, Classical, Dixieland, Punk, Reggae

About Roy

"My philosophy of music is to teach a love for music.  To give students what they need and want always.  Any method that helps he or she there is the right one.  Working closely with students to over come obstacles is they key to being a successful teacher.  The details that hold back and frustrate them must be addressed.  Students must first learn to deal with the physical nature of the instrument.  Specific excercises will be givin to help with this issue.  I make learning the a FUN experience."

Roy has been performing music with bands of all styles of music since 1966.  Has been teaching for over 45 years.  Teaches folk, rock, blues, country, jazz, classical, dixieland, punk, reggae.  Specializes in Blues & Rock music.  Roy has a BM in Music Education from Northeastern University.

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