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Favorite Bands

Eddie Van Halen, Johnny Cash, The Ramones, Charlie Parker, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Jaco Pastorius, Led Zeppelin

Favorite Instruments

Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards and Synthesizers, Ukulele

Musical Interests

jazz, metal, classical, country, The Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Classic Rock, Punk Rock, Indie Rock, Prog Rock

Performance Experience

wedding bands, cover bands, rock bands, jazz bands, CBGBs, CPCC Big Band, Biltmore United Methodist, Matthews Playhouse Orchestra

Specialties / Genres Taught

rock, metal, jazz, blues, classical, country, rhythm and blues, punk

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About Ryan Sullivan

Ryan is a master-level guitar, bass and ukulele instructor with the Music and Arts/Guitar Center corporation. He has over 30 years of playing experience in various cover bands, wedding groups, orchestras, jazz bands, a touring rock band, and more, including two years as a music director at a beautiful historic church. Before graduating from AB Tech, he studied with the well-known jazz educator Bill Hanna. In 2020 Ryan released a 14 song solo album of his original material on Itunes and Spotify.

Ryan teaches all styles and levels and has a patient and upbeat vibe with every one of his students, which range from small children to teenagers, to beginning-adults to advanced jazz improvisation, and of course heavy metal shred-guitar and chicken-pickin' country twang too, just to name a few things. Children will be taught how to sight-read, but students who would rather learn to play-by-ear will also find Ryan very helpful. Ryan likes to make each lesson a blend of music-academics and fun, and yes he will teach you to play your favorite songs.

Ryan enjoys every type of music out there, but was especially influenced by Eddie Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Beethoven, Charlie Parker, Jaco Pastorius, Johnny Cash and The Ramones.


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