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Hi! I'm Santiago, I've always been inspired by buskers, event preformers and all kinds of live musicians. I was tought by my brother how to play some simple chords and chord progressions when I was around 12 yars old, and since I've always appreciated the power that music had of bringing people together.

Since then I've pioneered into other fields in order to better understand this wonderful craft! I've picked up some woodworking and electrical skills while experimenting with my instruments.  

My journey led me to get some schooling in Audio Engineering and since i've worked with some local artists and recorded some of my own tracks. This makes me excited to work at Music and Arts because of all the knowledgeable staff and all the aspiring musicians with whom i can share my experiances and help on their own musical odyssey!

 If there's anything I can do to help any musician make music please reach out to me and LETS MAKE SOME MUSIC!!!

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