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Teaches Clarinet, Saxophone, Music Theory, Jazz Improvisation

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Clarinet, Saxophone, Music Theory, Jazz Improvisation

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Hello, I'm Jane! I teach all levels of saxophone along with beginning clarinet and piano. I first started teaching saxophone lessons while in high school in Ferndale, WA. I love sharing my passion for music with students young and old from all backgrounds. I encourage students to embrace a fun, focused and low-stress approach to their instrument/s, first tackling basics like healthy breathing and posture, note-reading, scales, producing good tone, and developing a sense of rhythm, and gradually incorporating more complex music, basic music theory, learning to play by ear, and beginning improvisation. I am all about working with my students to discover what their unique interests and goals are - whether that's nailing their jazz band audition, joining a rock band, preparing a classical piece for a competition, exploring creativity and improvisation, or simply playing at home for their own enjoyment.

I graduated from Western Washington University in 2015 with a music minor and a self-designed Fairhaven concentration entitled Music, Inequality & Resistance. Since then I've continued teaching lessons and performed, toured, and recorded with several groups, including Hot Damn Scandal, The Pazific, MarchFourth, Lucky Brown, & Momo Grace (now under the name Mōtus).
Likes: all-ages shows, exploring connections between music & community
Dislikes: boring/stressful lessons
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