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Teaches Bass Guitar, Guitar, Ukulele

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Bass Guitar, Guitar, Ukulele


Scott Jones brings to Music and Arts nearly a quarter of a century of experience

in private music instruction to music students of all ages and at all levels.

Although guitar is his main instrument, he also plays drums, bass, keys, writes for all contemporary

instruments, full orchestra, vocal ensembles, and percussion ensemble.

He plays, composes and teaches a wide variety of styles including: rock, pop, jazz, jazz fusion, blues,

R&B, Gospel, funk.

Scott has played as a full time musician since 1990

(having played guitar since 1980, drums since 1974).

Scott knows that each student is unique. He is committed to fostering that uniqueness while making sure they

each have a broad understanding and applicable use of what goes into finding their own sound on their

instrument. Then, he focuses on how to take those skills into a real world scenario.

Scott encourages each student to embrace the music that they already enjoy

and to be open to other styles of music.

Scott's personal and tailored approach to each student, no matter what their age, level,

or ultimate goals, inspires students to become their best, have fun and stay motivated

beyond the studio walls of Music and Arts.

You can listen to Scott’s music and playing by following this link:

Saint Peters Music & Arts 636-244-3770 SAINT PETERS MO