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There are 3 areas of musical expertise by which any musician is assessed (as to how good s/he is):

1. The musician's Tone & Technique (a,k,a, How good s/he sounds)

2. How well the musician Sight Reads (or how sell s/he can carry a tune if s/he learns By-Ear)

3. How well the musician expands his/her Listening Awareness to blend when playing in an Ensemnle.

In in-person Brass lessons, we work on all three. I use exercises that develop Tone and Techique from Arban's Famous Method for Trumpet and Trombone, St. Jacome's Grand Method for Trumpet, Claude Gordon's Systematic Approach to Daily Practice and Clarke's Lip Flexibilities. I have accumulated into an 8-page document called "Optimal Brass Playing", my ideas on best-practices in Brass playing.

Over the last 5 years, I have composed Duets to all 65 of the Introductory Melodious Etudes composed by Ferdinand Sieber and compoiled by Alen Raph.  I use these as opportunities for Sight Reading and Expanding Listeing Awareness with my students.  

I teach ALL Brasses becuase I realize that the similarities between Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Baritone Horn and Tuba far outweigh the differences.

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