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Current Band(s)/Gig(s)

GCC Flute Chamber Ensamble, GCC Wind Ensamble

Favorite Instruments

Mallets, Marching Euphonium, Flute

Performance Experience

Super Bowl 2015, Pearl Harbor Parade 2015, Disney Land Parade 2017, ABODA Championships, AZMBA Championships


Woodwinds, Woodwind Accessories, Flutes & Piccolos, Concert Percussion, Drums & Percussion, Books, Sheet Music & Media, Print Music, Percussion, Marching Percussion, Classroom & Kids, Marching Band Accessories, Accessories


Retail Sales Associate

About Me

Hey! Im Sebastian Vargas,  Im a Music ED Major studying at GCC

Ive played Flute for about 8 years and Percussion for 2 years!

If you need any information about Flute and Percussion just let me know! :)




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