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Anything with amazing musicians.

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I've played on many stages with lots of bands including Chimaira/ Lamb Of God/ Fear Factory/ Impending Doom/ Hemlock/ Indorphine/ Psychostick/ HellYeah/ Bloodsimple/ Otep. My most memerable show was at the Filmore in NYC. Great times!


Retail Manager - N

About Me

            Like most kids, I tried a lot of different activities to find a hobby.  I played sports, built model planes and cars, and also tried skateboarding & roller skating.  All of these were fun for a short while, and I made some friends in the process.  However, when I got my first guitar, I found more than a hobby, I found my identity. 

            It was a cool black Fender Squier with a fly sticker on it.  I cut my chops learning Tom Petty songs, then moved on to Green Day, and then to Metallica.  Luckily there were some other kids in my neighborhood that played instruments as well.  We met up, started a band, and I have been playing live music ever since

            The need to record our music came along with playing in a band.  So I began trying every configuration I could to capture audio.  I used my mom’s karaoke machine, also tried cassette voice recorders, and they all sounded horrible lol.  We ponied up some cash and made our first trip the studio at age 15.  I was fascinated by the recording process.  After a few trips to the studio we realized that we needed a cheaper alternative, and technology was just catching up.  With the help of my parents I set up my first studio at age 18 and to date I have recorded over 100 bands and solo artists..

            Music has been my life for so long.  It’s who I am.  If you are a musician, then you know what I mean.  I love working at Music & Arts because I get to help other beginners realize their passion.  I’ve played shows all over including in New York City at the Filmore.  I’ve release a few CDs and have made lifelong friends.  Music is an outlet, it’s a passion, it’s a lifestyle, and it is my career.  At Music & Arts, we create musicians.


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