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Teaches Piano, Music Theory, Guitar

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Piano, Music Theory, Guitar

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Piano, Voice, Guitar

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Classical, Sacred, Popular, Rag

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Currently teaching in Lakewood, Washington, I have taught piano and composition for over forty years and am a nationally certified teacher of music through the Music Teachers' National Association.  I hold a Bachelor's Degree and a Lifetime Community College Teaching Credential in Music from California. I also completed a three year program with the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and achieved certification as Director of Music and Liturgy in the Archdiocese.  I have studied since the young age of five.  I began studying opera as a child, continuing for almost fifteen years and expanded into piano and composition.  Some of my instructors include Tynni Walo Gayer, Sylvia Lombardi, and Emilio Fuchs, graduate of the Hungarian Conservatory of Music and classmate of Bela Bartok.  I am a published composer and have had my pieces performed in many venues.  Most recently my trio "Elegy" was performed in Tacoma, Washington.  I am also a member of ASCAP.  I am a member and past president of the Tacoma Chapter Music Teacher's Association.  We have many exciting opportunities for our students including the Trio Recitals where the student has the chance to perform with a professional cellist and violinist and our Orchestra Recitals where the student performs with a full orchestra.

My students range in age from as young as four to senior citizens.  How they learn is as varied as their ages and hence how I teach varies also.  For visual learners, I will utilize graphs, etc.  The audio learner works better hearing the differences, and with sensual learners I utilize clapping rhythms.  While adapting to learning styles, what I teach remains standard.  I require the student reads music, understands the theory behind it, has good technique, and knowledge of the period of music they are playing.  A final goal is having fun.  Music enriches life and students benefit more if they are enjoying the experience.

Lakewood WA Music & Arts 253-581-2926 Lakewood WA